Pool Remodeling and Renovations

Is it time to give your pool a facelift or a fresh look? Your options are nearly endless. After more than 30 years of high-end pool design, construction, and renovation, we've gained the expertise necessary to renovate or remodel your pool into anything you can imagine.


From a minor adjustment, to a major modification, consider all these possibilities:

  • Update the tile, coping or deck
  • Replace the plaster finish with a long-lasting aggregate interior
  • add a waterfall, grotto or other water feature
  • add or remove a diving board
  • add to a beach entry and/or a tanning ledge
  • add an in-water table, barstools and/or bench
  • add a vanishing edge
  • convert the entire pool to "perimeter overflow"
  • add energy efficient, color changing LED lights
  • replace older equipment with new, energy efficient pumps, filters, heaters and more
  • add laborsaving features such as chlorine generators, Ozonators, mineral systems and more.


For a one-on-one consultation on your pool remodel or renovation, call us at (805) 544-7773.